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Purified Blue has the industry’s leading professionals and technicians that are trained to diagnosis even the most severe water problems and effortlessly install RoyalSoft as well as all other name brand water treatment equipment. We will ensure that all installations are done within timely fashion at the convenience of the home owner as well as remove any old equipment that is being replaced as a courtesy to you.


Sometimes buying something new isn’t always the best answer. Before making the decision to replace something, let a Purified Blue technician take a look. So many of our customers call us because they think their current systems is broken and needs to be thrown out. But what we find is that sometimes they just need a little tuning and TLC to start working again, just like the first day you got them.


We perform yearly maintenance on any water treatment system you might have. Whether it be a standard softener, Media re-bed, or Filter change, our technicians want to make sure that your investment is working its best 100% of the time. We will make sure to send you a notice when your service is coming due so that you never have to worry about whether your equipment is working properly to ensure to highest quality water for your family all year round.

Water testing

 We work closely with a NY Certified lab for the fastest and most reliable water testing results. For bacteria testing please call us to set up an appointment for a certified water technician to retrieve a sample and have result mailed back to you within 7-10 days. If you are selling or buying a home and want the most reliable profile to represent your water, give us a call to schedule an appointment for a Certified Profile Water Technician today!

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