RS-1 Pro Softener

The RS-1 Pro is the leading softener in the industry. Simultaneously being tough on hardness and conservative on water consumption, this unit will rid your home of both hardness…


Removes Iron and Sulfur in one application. No longer will you need to rely on chemical tanks or chlorine injections.

RS-Acid Pro

Using a high quality marble calcite media, this filter treatment gets rid of problems associated with acidic water and eliminates blue – green staining that contributes to corrosion, pitting,…

RS-1 Iron Pro

Iron tends to be a common problem in homes, especially if they have hard water. The RS-Iron Pro eliminates iron rust, manganese, as well as heavier sediment problems. Methods…

RS-Carbon Pro

Bedded with a highly absorbent V.O.C active carbon filter media, the RS-Carbon Pro is commonly used to refresh water by removing unwanted chlorine and many commonly used disinfecting chemicals…


Rid your home of harsh city water with effectiveness and efficiency. The functionality of the Twinsoft’s patented technology is the only dual tank system on the market today to…

Drinking Systems

4 Stage – The 4 City Drinking System is the most reliable filter system on the market today. Its customization abilities make it easy to filter out whatever your water problem might be. It is space saving system that requires no holding tank giving you unlimited fresh water daily.

5 Stage – The RS-5 Pro System is a reverse osmosis system that is suggested for those who have well water. Water is sent between three specialty filters, then through a high capacity membrane where it will be passed through a final carbon filter ensuring you have the cleanest safest water available. The mini-pressure tank holds up to 50 Gallons Per Day.

UV Lights

Ultra Violet Lights are the easiest, most convenient and reliable way to disinfect water. They require no chemicals and only one annual bulb change. The UV Light’s wavelength is passed through water, inactivating pathogens…

RoyalSoft has taken time to expertly engineer the newest most reliable component in water treatment technology. The patented revolutionary F-79 head comes equipped with Non-Scratch Sapphire Rotary Discs that are guaranteed to never wear down and come with a LIFETIME warranty.

Rotary Discs

The pistons within a Valve Head work to move the motor that runs the system. Over time, untreated water and corrosive materials such as metal and plastic contribute to the pistons breaking down and becoming nonfunctional. RoyalSoft’s Rotary Discs are made from a Non-Scratch Sapphire Ceramic that prevents them from breaking down or corroding. They are backed by a Lifetime guarantee to ensure the F-79 Valve Head’s longevity and efficiency. By eliminating the grinding and pounding of gears thanks to these two internal discs, water can move easily through the proper channels without mechanisms locking or clicking into place.

F-79 Valve Head

The F-79 intelligent Valve Head is the most recent advancement in water treatment technology. The patented design has no equal in the industry. The internal components of this system utilize the Non-Scratch Sapphire Ceramic discs to effortlessly operate the system smoothly and with as little cycle resistance as possible. Built into the F-79 is a multi-functional microcomputer that enables automatic regeneration leaving essentially no maintenance for the consumer. The regeneration is set with a date and usage monitor to effectively backwash and clean the system customized to the consumer’s water usages. The system also has a 48-hour internal backup battery that will turn back on and continue running in the event of a power outage.

F-82 Valve Head

Using the same technology as the F-79 Valve Head, the F-82 Valve Head is made for homes and commercial units of a larger size.