Do you really know what you are drinking? Most recently in Newburgh, NY a state of emergency was declared because the PFO levels (a manmade chemical) were over the EPA guidelines. And then there was the situation in Flint, MI where the public was misled on the safety of the drinking water. The government and politicians are saying that the water is safe to drink, but is it truly? Purified Blue asks this, not to incite fear, but to make the public aware of what is happening across the country. Don’t you owe it to yourself and loved ones to what’s in your drinking water? Purified Blue is committed to making a healthy difference in families, business and one day hopefully the world. Purified Blue will test your water and offer a solution for all you potable water needs. In addition, by adding a state of the art Royal Soft System to your home, you will be helping the environment by reducing you carbon imprint. America used 50 billion water bottles last year alone. Forty billion of them ended up in landfills. Purified Blue is committed to becoming part of the solution. Are you?

I would highly recommend Purified Blue!  Sean is very knowledgeable and discovered that we had two major issues after our water test.  First we had hard water from high levels of iron.  We’d always had a chlorine smell but I just thought is was normal.  Turns out it was from how the water was “cleaned”.  Sean advised us on the best solution to solve all are water issues. We had a twin soft system and an under the sink drinking system installed.  I will never buy bottled water again!  Thank you so much Sean!

Cindy and Neil,  Goldens Bridge

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How do you know what problems you have?

There are obvious signs that you may have problems with your water. Everything from staining on cookery, glassware, and appliances, to foul smelling odors and taste. It is recommended that you get a water test to determine exactly what is in your water.

What are these problems you may have?

Contaminates in water vary significantly depending on location as well as the source of where your water comes from. Here is a list of contaminates that greatly affect your water quality:

List of contaminates that greatly affect your water quality

Also known as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), is a gas that smells strongly like rotten eggs. In the presence of bacteria, when organic matter decays it will result in giving off a foul smell that many people experience when doing laundry, dishes and showering. Even very low concentrations are offensive and highly corrosive and because it is in the form of a gas, Sulfur cannot be tested with laboratory analysis. Treatment recommendations are given after an on-site evaluation of its presence.

The presence of Iron is a very common in both well and city water. Iron is found in two forms, ferrous/dissolved (Fe+2) and ferric/solid (Fe). Water containing even the smallest quantity of iron will cause significant rusty, pale yellow staining to occur. Once an appliance or fixture has been stained with Iron, it is almost impossible to remove.

Chlorine (Cl) is a chemical element added to water as a disinfecting agent. Chlorine is mainly used in treating municipal water or community wells as a means of killing off bacteria in the water supply. Although the use of Chlorine is effective in sanitizing water, it also has severe health risks. Chlorine by itself is highly toxic and among one of the most lethal poisons in the world. Recent studies have shown an increased risk for bladder cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer, as well as depleted proteins and premature aging.

Hardness in your water is caused by high mineral content such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). Though not necessarily a health risk, hard water is devastating to skin, hair, clothing, and also to household appliances and fixtures.

Water that contains low acidity will act aggressively towards plumbing and fixtures causing corrosion and staining (i.e.-blue green stains on fixtures from copper pipes). A pH ranging below a 6.7 ppm (parts per million) will cause oxidation to pipes and plumbing resulting in pin holes and leaks, as well as possible leeching of copper into water. The pH value refers not to the quantity of acidity, but rather to the relative acidity/alkalinity of a particular sample. 7 ppm is considered a neutral range.

Fluoride is a chemical derived from Fluorine that is added to public water supplies to help prevent tooth decay. Once Fluoride is put into the water it becomes impossible to control each dose thus contributing heavily on brain development in infants, thyroid dysfunction, arthritic advancement and severe bone decay that could contribute to bone cancer. Due to the poisonous nature of Fluoride, it is imperative to remove it from daily water intake.

What Makes Purified Blue Stand out from the competition?

We are a licensed distributor of Royal Soft Water Systems. Royal Soft has taken time to expertly engineer the newest most reliable component in water treatment technology. The patented revolutionary F-79 head comes equipped with Non-Scratch Sapphire Rotary Discs that are guaranteed to never wear down and come with a LIFETIME warranty. No other company In the industry offers this state of the art Technology and stands by their product.



RS-1 Pro Softener

The RS-1 Pro is the leading softener in the industry. Simultaneously being tough on hardness and conservative on water consumption, this unit will rid your home of both hardness…


Removes Iron and Sulfur in one application. No longer will you need to rely on chemical tanks or chlorine injections.

RS-Acid Pro

Using a high quality marble calcite media, this filter treatment gets rid of problems associated with acidic water and eliminates blue – green staining that contributes to corrosion, pitting,…

RS-1 Iron Pro

Iron tends to be a common problem in homes, especially if they have hard water. The RS-Iron Pro eliminates iron rust, manganese, as well as heavier sediment problems. Methods…

RS-Carbon Pro

Bedded with a highly absorbent V.O.C active carbon filter media, the RS-Carbon Pro is commonly used to refresh water by removing unwanted chlorine and many commonly used disinfecting chemicals…


Rid your home of harsh city water with effectiveness and efficiency. The functionality of the Twinsoft’s patented technology is the only dual tank system on the market today to…

Drinking Systems

4 Stage – The 4 City Drinking System is the most reliable filter system on the market today. Its customizable abilities make it easy to filter out whatever your…

UV Lights

Ultra Violet Lights are the easiest, most convenient and reliable way to disinfect water. They require no chemicals and only one annual bulb change. The UV Light’s wavelength is passed through water, inactivating pathogens…

RoyalSoft has taken time to expertly engineer the newest most reliable component in water treatment technology. The patented revolutionary F-79 head comes equipped with Non-Scratch Sapphire Rotary Discs that are guaranteed to never wear down and come with a LIFETIME warranty.

Rotary Discs

The pistons within a Valve Head work to move the motor that runs the system. Over time, untreated water and corrosive materials such as metal and plastic contribute to the pistons breaking down and becoming nonfunctional. RoyalSoft’s Rotary Discs are made from a Non-Scratch Sapphire Ceramic that prevents them from breaking down or corroding. They are backed by a Lifetime guarantee to ensure the F-79 Valve Head’s longevity and efficiency. By eliminating the grinding and pounding of gears thanks to these two internal discs, water can move easily through the proper channels without mechanisms locking or clicking into place.

F-79 Valve Head

The F-79 intelligent Valve Head is the most recent advancement in water treatment technology. The patented design has no equal in the industry. The internal components of this system utilize the Non-Scratch Sapphire Ceramic discs to effortlessly operate the system smoothly and with as little cycle resistance as possible. Built into the F-79 is a multi-functional microcomputer that enables automatic regeneration leaving essentially no maintenance for the consumer. The regeneration is set with a date and usage monitor to effectively backwash and clean the system customized to the consumer’s water usages. The system also has a 48-hour internal backup battery that will turn back on and continue running in the event of a power outage.

F-82 Valve Head

Using the same technology as the F-79 Valve Head, the F-82 Valve Head is made for homes and commercial units of a larger size.


What is city water?

City/municipal water is the most common water supply to homes and commercial buildings in the United States. The water supply is usually taken from reservoirs and other water sources where it is pipe-lined to a water treatment plant and sterilized with multiple chemical mixtures.

What chemicals are in city water?

There are several chemicals used by water treatment plants to sanitize water. Chlorine (Cl) and Sodium Fluoride (NaF), are commonly used as well as many other chemical bi-products. Chlorine is a chemical that is most commonly used in a liquid or solid form to treat water. Although chlorine is effective at sanitizing water, the use of chlorine as a water treatment product is being heavily scrutinized by the medical community as resent findings have been shown to link chlorine and several types of cancer such as bladder, bowel, and breast cancer, as well as premature aging and skin conditions. Sodium Fluoride, also a chemical used in water treatment poses several health risks that are mainly caused by over fluoridation which can cause fluoride poisoning.

What are common pollutants in city water?

Although city water is sanitized at the water treatment plant, that water still must be transported to your home or commercial building. It is from the water traveling through old piping channels from plant to your home that water is contaminated all over again. In many areas, pipelines can be over 100 years old. These old pipelines have cracks and holes that allow bacteria, car and jet fuel, lead, arsenic, pharmaceutical products, pesticides and garden chemicals, as well as other pollutants back into your water supply that you bathe, drink, and cook with.

What is well water?

Well water is commonly found in suburban and rural areas. Homes with a well water supply that have no treatment or purification system to filter the well water are vulnerable to pollutants and dangerous contaminates due to the water being used from an untreated source.

What are common problems with well water?

Problems with well water vary depending on the area and location. Not every well will have the same problems even if the well water supply is in the same neighborhood. Common issues that home owners will experience have a wide range. Hard water, iron, acid, nitrates, sulfur, bacteria, radon, phosphates, are among the most common, however RoyalSoft systems are able to filter and decontaminate all problems found in well water.

What pollutants are in well water?

Like city water, well water also shares a wide range of pollutants that can contaminate your well water supply. Pollutants such as methyl tert-butyl ether commonly known as MTBE’s which are used as a fuel component for gasoline engines and are known carcinogens as well as pose other health risks are commonly present in well water. Other pollutants hazardous to your health such as pesticides and weed killers are also found in well water supplies.